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3 Reviews on "Psychotherapist Lizica Groza"

Very good
3 reviews
  • Avatar for Emilia Emilia

    Nu am avut parte de o interacțiune satisfăcătoare, la interviul Diva nu am fost asistată în încercarea de a veni cu exemple din copilărie legate de unele dificultăți specifice, deși am îndeplinit numărul de simptome necesare mi s-a comunicat că nu se poate stabili diagnosticul deoarece dificultățile pe care le am sunt mai bine explicate de simptomele de depresie și că atât timp cât exista depresia nu se poate stabili diagnosticul de ADHD, ceea ce consider invalid deoarece simptomele ADHD care se suprapun cu unele simptome de depresie au apărut cu mult înainte de debutul depresiei. De asemenea în raport s a specificat ca îndeplinesc criteriile pentru anxietate generalizata în condițiile în care nu mi s-a evaluat prezența acesteia nici prin vreun instrument validat nici în interviul clinic.
    Am fost apoi la un medic psihiatru care mi a pus diagnosticul de ADHD în urma unui interviu comprehensiv, și mi-a spus ca a mai avut pacienți care nu au fost mulțumiți de evaluarea făcută de acest psiholog clinician.

  • Avatar for Alina V. Alina V.

    I recommend! It's important not to feel invalidated by a diagnosis (which has happened elsewhere so far), and the interaction with her was very ok.

  • Avatar for Vidican Manuela Vidican Manuela

    He correctly diagnosed ADHD without requiring a parent to be present.
    In addition to DIVA, he also gave me some personality tests, from which some traits from the narcissism and lack of empathy spectrum emerged, which were later discussed and refuted by another psychologist.
    Overall, she was kind, patient and empathetic.

    1. Avatar for Andrei H Andrei H Listing owner

      Thank you for supporting the project by giving this review!

      Since I think you have touched on some very important issues, I will reply directly here (you can continue the dialogue by using the "Reply" button.

      Most importantly, she does not make the medical diagnosis as a psychologist, she can at most provide a "psycho-diagnosis", which has the value of a risk assessment. Diagnosis with medical value, on the basis of which treatment and other facilities can be prescribed, can only be confirmed by a psychiatrist or neurologist. It would be important to know if she has told you this.

      It would be important to know whether those personality tests were recommended / offered to you as optional or presented to you as necessary precursors to diagnosis. Although they are additional tools that can shape the clinical picture, ADHD can exist alongside any personality disorder or any other type, including narcissistic personality disorder. For the reasons mentioned above, these tests should NOT be a prerequisite for diagnosis. On the same principle as mentioned in the previous paragraph, these tests are at most indicative and do not represent confirmation or denial of a diagnosis, but only a risk assessment.

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