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simptome, diagnostic, tratament ADHD la copii, adolescenți și adulți.

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Frequently asked questions

IMPORTANT: Conținutul prezentat mai jos NU reprezintă aviz / sfat medical! Vă rugăm să consultați un profesionist medical calificat pentru sfaturi adaptate situației dumneavoastră! Mai multe informații pe site-ul

What exactly is ADHD?

ADHD-is a condition that generally involves symptoms of hyperactivity, attention deficit, and impaired executive function, which can affect both children and adults. People with ADHD may have problems organising and completing tasks, maintaining attention, and regulating emotions, which can affect their school or work performance, social relationships and self-esteem. It is important to understand that ADHD is not a behavioural problem, but a brain development problem and that it is important to provide support and understanding to people suffering from this disorder.

I've also heard the term ADD! What is the difference?

In the US, the terminology of ADD (acronym for "Attention-Deficit Disorder"). This refers to the subtype of the condition in which hyperactivity is not present (the inattentive type), but in most countries both forms fall (slightly confusingly) under the same umbrella of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperkinetic Disorder). This is the official abbreviation used in Romania.

On what basis is ADHD diagnosed?

A diagnosis of ADHD valid can only be offered by a doctor psychiatrist or neurologist. This diagnosis should be made following a comprehensive assessment, which may include elements such as history interviews, questionnaires, executive function testing, observations of behaviour in different contexts and especially in the case of children, testimonies from parents, teachers or other close relatives. It may also be necessary to carry out psychological tests and medical examinations to rule out other possible causes of symptoms. It is important that the diagnosis of ADHD be determined by a medical specialist and followed by an appropriate therapeutic plan. Psychodiagnosis by the psychologist NO has medical value, it is more of a risk assessment.

Who makes the diagnosis? Isn't it better to see a psychologist than a psychiatrist?

Psychologists can help develop an appropriate behavioral therapy program so that the person learns how to overcome certain obstacles and manage their symptoms of ADHD. Psychologists can also provide emotional support and counseling to help the person cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms and affective states that may be associated with ADHD.

However, as it is a neurodevelopmental disorder, the diagnosis requires the expertise of an psychiatrist. Also, in most cases, drug treatment is necessary, psychiatrist being the one who can prescribe it. At the same time, only a psychiatrist has the expertise to determine the presence/absence of comorbidities following a differential diagnosis.

Although clinical psychologists can assist in the diagnostic process by interpreting some of the findings, their psycho-diagnosis NO has medical value!

How can I check if the listed psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists are OK?

The right of freedom of practice of a psychiatrist can be checked on Register of Doctors in Romania.
The right of freedom of practice of a psychotherapist or psychologist can be checked in the document Unique Register of Psychologists in Romania - Certificates of Free Practice.
Our last check of professionals on this site was carried out on 13 March 2023.

If you find that one of your doctors, psychotherapists or psychologists is not licensed, please contact us at EMERGENCY by email to [email protected] and prefix the email subject with URGENT.

I found a discrepancy on this website. What can I do?

All information on this platform is presented in good faith, taken directly from listed professionals, members of the patient community, or third party sources such as clinic websites. If you notice any inconsistencies, please write to us at [email protected] or fill in contact form.

On what basis are psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists listed?

All psychiatrists listed represent referrals of patients with a confirmed diagnosis of ADHD from different social media communities. Psychologists and psychotherapists are listed based on recommendations from users of their services. Some of the listings are made on a self-referral basis (followed by minimal scrutiny of qualifications and experience).

Do you receive any financial incentives for listings on this website?

Doctor ADHD is a project charity, 100% pro-bono. NO we receive commissions for listings and NO we have any intention of generating profit. Access to this platform is and always will be FREE.


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Doctors / doctors psychiatrists with experience in
assessment, diagnosis and treatment 
ADHD (including at ADHD adults)

These doctors can prescribe medication and determine a formal diagnosis of ADHD in adults.

Some of them are simultaneously and psychologists or psychotherapists. Psychotherapy and/or psychological counselling are often recommended in conjunction with drug treatment for best therapeutic outcomes in the context of ADHD.

Dr Cosmin Ungureanu

Dr Diana Mihalcea

Dr Vlad Stroescu

Dr Adrian Pătrățanu


Dr Iulia-Mira Milea-Cârmaciu

Dr Emanuel Voina

Dr Maria Bonea

Dr Ana-Maria Dragotă

Dr Frangu-Hara Tereza


Dr Simona-Delia Rădulescu


Dr Raluca Crișan


Dr Gabriella Bondoc